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Absolutely flexible.

The HCS500 sensor or the SVH200 Controller combines all components for the block height control.

The height control system with the HCS500 sensor or with the SVH200 Controller is assembled in modules. The minimum system configuration simply contains one sensor HCS500 or a SHV200 laser with controller. In the biggest configuration, three sensors capture different rows of block on a production board. The results are sent to the master sensor and evaluated. Up to five partners can communicate with the sensors and receive the results via the network. The sensors can communicate with controllers, PCs or marking units. Furthermore, up to 22 connections to the integrated web server are possible to view the web visualisation in an internet browser. The communication via a wireless connection or the passing of the web visualisation on the internet is also possible.


The SHV500 and SVH200 can be equipped with up to three laser sensors. The lasers are installed on horizontally moving slides travelling along a rail made of aluminium profile. The slides allow adapting the scan position to the current object to be scanned. This is necessary as various product types need to be scanned.

For a perfect integration.

The Height Control system is highly flexible and can be easily integrated in existing lines. The system is custom-built according to your requirements. A detached assembly on a solid support or a wall mounting at the sound insulating cabin of the block machine are also possible. Just what works best.

Integration in the machine control system.

In order to integrate the measuring equipment in the production process, functional modules for Siemens S7 control systems are provided. These modules can be integrated in Ethernet-compatible control systems (CPU + Ethernet-CP or Profinet-CPU). The measuring results can be utilised to optimise production and to stop or filter out rejects automatically. Apart from the option of receiving measuring results, even the parameterisation can be done via this interface which provides an opportunity to automatically adapt the product-specific parameters of the current production.

The display of the web visualisation in the machine visualisation completes the integration. In the overview screen of the machine visualisation, e.g. a preview can be displayed.

The coupling with the block machine can further be realised with the signals of the signal lights and the horn. These signals can be tapped at the sensor cable or in the switch cabinet and are available as 24V signals.