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Operation can be that easy.

The sensor combines all components for the block height control. No special PC is required for visualising the measuring results. You can simply open the integrated web visualisation in the internet browser of any network PC. Furthermore it is possible to integrate the web visualisation or parts thereof in the machine visualisation, which saves space and costs.


Apart from the web visualisation, a Windows visualisation is available, which provides the following additional functions:
  • Filing of measured results
  • Graphic display of the filed measuring results
  • Display of the filed measuring results in table form
  • Filter function for easy data selection
  • Statistical evaluation
  • Printing of tables and graphs
  • Data export

Control becomes a child's play

From the measured values of the laser sensors, the individual block heights as well as an average value for the entire row of blocks are calculated. The quality of the block height is displayed for the operator in the integrated web browser, the R&W visualisation software SHV-Visu or by local signal lights.

It goes without saying that the visualisation can be switched over between various languages at any time.