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The advantages of the SHV500 at one glance

Fully automatic ? integrated in your block machine.

  • The automatic optimisation of the pre-vibration in order to maintain the required block height is maintained even with varying ratios of ingredients.
  • Stop of the block machine and warning in case of reject material being produced.
  • Activation of the dumping system in case of reject material being detected (e.g. before or after a change of mould or colour).

More precise ? compared with conventional measurement.

  • The laser height control operates independently of the board thickness (only the relative height between the top surface of the board and the top surface of the blocks is taken into consideration).
  • A possible change of block heights from the front section of the board to the back section of the board as well as the individual heights of all measured blocks will be displayed (while the height measuring via mould and tamper head simply measures the average height of the entire board).
  • With the main vibration being switched off via stoppers at the tamper head, insufficiently high concrete blocks are not detected reliably.

The real optimum - for quality increase and cost reduction

  • Improvement of the concrete block quality in terms of height due to automatic optimisation of the manufacturing process.
  • Quality optimisation and cost-cutting by reducing rejects
  • Quality control for each board and not only by random sampling.
  • Evaluation of the archived measurement results.