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R&W SHV200 Height Control System

Photo: SHV200 with three laser sensors

The SHV200, produced by R&W, is a newly developed concrete height control system based on the proven SHV500, providing an economical entry-level machine for the precise measurement of concrete blocks.

The measuring system was designed for measuring concrete blocks with a maximum height of 190 mm and is therefore ideal for the production of paving stones.

The R&W height control system SHV500 offers a contact-free measuring of the products by laser distance sensors. The measuring frequency of the laser is 1500 Hz, and, for this reason, it is fast enough to exactly measure products with conveyor speeds of up to 0.5 m/s. Evaluation of the measuring values is done with the SVH200 Controller in the external switch cabinet. Comparable to the HCS500 sensors, this controller can easily be connected to further controllers and display units via Ethernet.