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Evaluation of production data with simple websites

WEB server
The WEB server allows access to stored data. It is a stand-alone application that may be installed on a separate PC or on the database PC. The WEB server accesses to data on the database and provides data on websites. In addition to data evaluation, the web server may also be used to enter required values.

Visualisation is done via websites. So, no special software is required for the display units, only a web browser shall be installed. The websites are individually created for the customer and for customer data in the database. Data is displayed in the form of tables and graphs. In addition to traditional PCs, Smartphones and visualisation calculators available in the lines are appropriate for access. Special sides optimised for an access via Smartphone allow a quick overview of the most important production figures en route. Production and downtimes as well as line efficiency are displayed at a glance. Access to a website may be realised within the company network or via remote access.