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PAVE-IT - The R&W PDM System in the concrete block plant

From the concrete mix to the pallet

Pave-IT records production data in the concrete factory. In order to ensure a complete flow of information from the Wet-Line to the Dry-Line, identifiable base plates are used. This technology is based on a RFID chip within the base plate allowing a clear identification of the plate along the production process. A PLC collects quality-relevant data from the concrete mixer, Wet-Line, Dry-Line, quality measurement devices, etc. The chip number is used to allocate database information to the corresponding base plates.

Betonwerk Übersicht
Overview of a concrete block plant with indicated reading systems for RFID chips

So, it is possible to allocate different information such as production data, quality features, etc. to each base plate - and, thus, also to one of the layers of blocks produced on this base plate. The combination with the R&W height control system allows a continuous quality management as for each layer of blocks up to the packaging all data is available and traceable at any time. Quality variations on the Dry-Line are immediately displayed and can be used there for automated sorting. And, it is also possible to document cycle speeds and service intervals of the base plates.

By using the R&W block height measuring systems and Pave-IT, the complaint rate can significantly be reduced.